Aloe Vera Specimen

$ 6.00

aloe veraAs with most cultivars, Aloe comes in a variety of forms - some look very different from their cousins. Our Aloe vera is one of the most easily recognizable.

Light: Morning Sun / Afternoon Shade
Water: Every two weeks
Height: 2ft Width: 2ft
Growth Rate : Slow
Fertilize: All purpose, Seldom
Propagate: Spring
Companion Plants: Any succulent or cacti

Does well in a temperate/dry climate, but does not like frost. Put it under an overhang  or bring it inside. As this succulent gets up to size (they are already large plants), they will make quite an impact. But, remember the "dry" part; if you give the aloe too much water, it will rot in its pot. If you do accidentally over water and get an unsightly reaction (yellowing spikes and curling ends), take heart - the stubborn aloe will come back, dropping the ugly, water-damaged leaf spikes as it goes - be patient. Fertilize once a year with a low-power, all-in-one fertilizer. Like most succulents, Aloe can be propagated.